Do You Remember Your First Bicycle?

Most people have a great story to tell about that experience and most of them include the feeling that came with their first "Set of Wheels."

A small, but enthusiastic group of local citizens have been providing many children and families in our community with helping a special memory for 21 years. With your support we have been able to deliver 7,800 new bikes, with helmets and locks, all over Central Florida. This program has brought immeasurable rewards to the legion of donors and volunteers who fondly remember their "First Bike" encounter and now want to ensure that every child who needs a bike receives one. Be part of this community experience and a great day of golf.

Poker Tournament

May 30th, 2024


Golf Tournament


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Poker Tournament 7-13-23
Poker Tournament 7-13-23
Poker Tournament 7-13-23
Poker Tournament 7-13-23
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